Louis Vuitton has been a symbol of fashion, travelling and art for excellent quality, outstanding originality and high end craftsmanship since 1854. LV is the representative of luxury products and enjoys the high popularity around the world.
Monogram series is the most classic and the most iconic of LV handbags, and Monogram was registered by LV in 1905.

After Louis Vuitton became the most trusted luggage expert by Queen Eugenie, LV replicas sprang up in the market. In order to curb copying, George Vuitton, the second generation of LV, created Monogram pattern in 1896. George got inspiration from flower pattern and noble signs, he also blent in his father’s initials in memory of his father. Three flower patterns of part plants and semi-geometric shapes and overlapped LV are decorated on the brown background. Monogram has never been out of sight since the unique Monogram pattern was born.

LV Monogram series includes Monogram Canvas, Monogram Vernis, Monogram Denim, Monogram Mini Lin, Monogram Multicolore and Monogram ldylle.

When many luxury brands racked their brains to design the new, LV re-enabled Monogram pattern. LV united with some high-end brands and famous designers even known architects to reform classic monogram pattern. They make monogram pattern stay true to the original self. Only classic monogram pattern can do that various LV handbags capture people’s hearts.

TIP 1: Do not rub against rough surface, especially leather trims.
TIP 2: Use soft cloth with a little soapy water to clean the canvas part, and avoid touching the leather part. Do not use cleaning solution.
TIP 3: Get away from hand cream, hand sanitizer, cosmetics, perfume and other liquids.

It cannot be denied that LV products always drive the trend and add noble temperament to ladies and gentlemen. Ordinary people hardly own a LV handbag due to fancy price, then LV replicas were born. How to sp  ot fake LV Monogram?
STEP 1: Smell it! The real LV monogram handbag gives off natrual fragrance, while the fake doesn’t have it.
STEP 2: Watch it! The real LV monogram mixes brown with other colors, while the fake looks pure brown.
STEP 3: Touch it! The real feels soft, rich and smooth, while the fake isn’t.