The Damier canvas print was actually created before the Monogram in 1888, believe it or not. Re-released in 1998, Damier, which means checkerboard, refers to the design style. Like the Monogram, it is made of coated cotton canvas. One of the most recognizable Damier canvases is probably the Damier Azur, which has a blue base and a white checkerboard overlay with the tiny logo which fits sporadically into squares. Handbags in Damier Azur with irresistible charm never go out of style.

When Marc Jacobs was in Louis Vuitton, handbags in Damier Azur was the most popular period. While Nicolas Ghesquière is in power, it seems that new handbags in Damier seldom launch. On the contrary, the Damier is always expected by people. Finally, the arrival of Croisette, Sperone and Noé BB in Damier Azur in 2016 were a hit in the high fashion. For young girls, the three replica models are necessary accessories in the street style, in the leisure style or on a trip.

Replica Louis Vuitton Croisette Damier N41581
The compact and body-friendly Croisette has all the sophisticated details and flawless functionalities to make it your new favorite small bag. Shiny metal button and a detachable tassel trimming add fashion bright spot to the overall style.
A flat handle and a shoulder strap help you carry in the hand, over the shoulder or across the body. Pink lining brings an unexpectedly sweet and fresh touch to its elegant design. It combines Damier Azur canvas with cowhide leather, reflecting beautiful look and practicality perfectly. In the spring and summer, the replica LV Croisette handbag and beautiful dresses is a perfect match; or you can match other styles as you like. 9.4 x 9.1 x 3.3 inches dimension makes it easy store a cellphone, a wallet, a set of keys and other make-up items. There is no doubt that it is a exquisite cute handbag.

Replica Louis Vuitton Sperone Damier N41578
The adorable backpack in Damier Azur canvas make you be a fashion icon on any occasions. Fresh white checkerboard pattern is the most popular element, combining leather trimmings and gold hardware fittings perfectly. The overall presents fresh, sweet and energy. A exterior zip pocket supplies users with more convenience. A leather drawstring guarantees the security and presents youthful energy. Pink lining always brings girls sweet feelings and good luck. Whether girls are in dark color or in light color, the replica LV backpack is easy matching. Whether you’re a functionalist or a fashion fetishist, the feminine Sperone backpack in Damier Azur canvas is your go-to urban travel companion.

Replica Louis Vuitton Noé BB Damier N41220
When it comes to bucket bags, Lious Vuitton is the absolute first brand. In 1932, Gaston Vuitton was required to design a bag storing five bottles of champagnes by a champagne manufacturer. Then a bucket bag with simple look, soft and durable materials and practical leather drawstring closure debuted. LV Noé has been improved and redesigned again and again. To this day, there is no doubt that Noé BB handbag is one of the most popular “it” bag. The replica LV bucket bag in Damier Azur has a mini body with the original’s signature leather drawstring. Standing just under nine inches tall on its reinforced leather base, the replica LV Noé BB is equipped with an extra-long strap for casual cross-body wear. The rounded but cute design make it classic. It can match a British dress or a sweet skirt, reflecting your distinctive temperament.