Monogram and Damier pattern have been the representative of Louis Vuitton, and many classic handbags and “it” bags capture ladies’ hearts, including celebrities and general public. As a low-key p  attern for men, maybe Damier Geant escapes people’s notice. In fact, male bags in Damier Geant canvas enjoy the high popularity.

Damier Geant canvas is made from climbing rope materials, light and durable, so the cavas is deeply loved by men at home and abroad. Damier Geant pattern consists of a dark and light checkboard of the same color, therefore it is easy to be recognized. In addition to that, Louis Vuitton logo which is printed on the central check stands out low-key style but luxury. Comparing with Louis Vuitton Monogram series and Damier Azur series, Damier Geant is easy to clean and maintain. The feature is suitable for men very much since they needn’t spend so much time and money in maintaining their bags. The light texture make bags in Damier Geant canvas good helpers in the daily work and in the leisure life.

Lious Vuitton Damier Geant canvas replicas is of high quality as the original, but it is much cheaper than the real edition. Lious Vuitton has been invalidated the patent right of the design for Damier pattern since 2013. First, checkerboard pattern can’t belong to its exclusive design any more. Second, Diamier is not a sophisticated pattern, so it isn’t difficult to copy. LV which has high brand value makes replicas spring up. In short, 1:1 replica LV Damier Geant canvas bags win warm praise from customers for their unique quality and price advantages.

Here recommend 3 replica Lious Vuitton Damier Geant bags for sporty men.

1. Replica LV Ocean Damier Geant Jongleur Bag N48089
Light weight Damier Geant canvas with large LV logo and aluminum hardware fittings gives people feelings of freedom and leisure. Ocean blue and brown stands out mature and steady charm whether on a trip or in the daily use. Top handles and an adjustable shoulder strap allows users to wear in three ways. An exterior big zip pocket and more inner pockets help users keep their items orderly.

2. Replica LV khaki Damier Geant Canvas Messenger Bag
Authentic replica Louis Vuitton Messager NM bag in Damier Geant canvas. Outside has 1 zipper pocket on each side. Top access is secured with flap and 2 magnetic closure. Underbeneath the flap, it has 1 exterior open pocket. Inside has 1 compartment for laptops with 3 open pockets and 1 for mobile. Practical with great capacity.

3. Replica LV Sand Damier Geant Canvas Pionnier Backpack Bag
The replica LV Damier Geant backpack bag is great for ultimate hands-free convenience. It is a modern look that combines classic Lious Vuitton design cues with light texture. Rounded bag body with two zip pockets on the sides and drawstring closure remind people of LV Noe bucket bag. Tan trimmings reach strong visual effect. Interior has multi-functional pockets make it easy to store items orderly.