The combination of Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber has been seen as a love drama in the world. Until the news of the engagement between Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin in March 2018, the two people finally got a result. The mine years of On-off-again relationships between them since 2009 that they fall in love. This feeling of joy double have always been dubbed the North American version of “Immediately Unforgettable”, and there are even many fans of them(It is said that Hailey Baldwin was also their loyal fan and also published supportive comments in her personal Facebook, but later deleted with after being the girlfriend of Justin Bieber ).

After the news of Justin Bieber’s engagement was revealed, someone was photographed that Selena was having a good vacation with her friends, and her mood was not affected. Selena, who had left her predecessor, was bent on her work and the career was in full swing. Concentrating on the favourite career, she is not expected to have much time to consider her feelings. Perhaps this is why Selena has no boyfriend. It is her style to take everything easy and such a girl deserves a better home.

The fashion tastes of Selena are not emotionally tied, which climb all the way. And different styles can express her unique charm. Selena Gomez, who walks the sexy sweetheart route, is not only a slimming leader, but also a fashion queen. Every one of her life leads the fashion trend.

Selena Gomez with Louis Vuitton City Cruiser bag

Replica Louis Vuitton City Cruiser splicing bag

The City Cruiser handbag is also the main push bag for Louis Vuitton. It is inspired by the Cruiser suitcase and has a large enough bag capacity for travel. The classic logo of Louis Vuitton patterns are printed on the bag, and the Monogram canvas is stitched on the calfskin, which is fashionable and dynamic. Its wide adjustable shoulder strap is also detachable, which can be hold at hand, carried on the shoulder and diagonally across the body. With such a versatile high-capacity package, it’s no wonder that Selena Gomez likes it so much, whether carry it for the daily dress or the important events.

In view of her love for Louis Vuitton, the brand chose her to become the spokesperson. Of course, the brand also took a fancy to the influence of this fashion sweetheart girl, which also illustrates her strength.

This 2016 autumn and winter collection was designed by Nicolas Ghesquiere, creative director and fashion designer for Louis Vuitton. And this women collection also filmed by the well-known photographer Bruce Weber personally. Therefore, each one of the photos is a masterpiece.

Wearing a furry cap and leather boots to show a handsome side, she is quite confident in the poses at the advertising video of Louis Vuitton.