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  • Alhambra Series: Since its inception, this brand is loved by ladies worldwide. It has a four-leaf clover which symbolizes happiness, love, wealth and health, making it the most recognizable accessory in this series. Other replicated VCA having similar four-leaf clover includes the gold chain bracelet, Val Cleef & Arpels Perlee Rose Gold Bracelet, Gold Diamonds Bangle and so on. They are all exquisite and delicate, and there are many designs to choose from.
  • VCA Ruby Emerald Paved Diamonds: This item is delicately made specifically for women. They are made with different colors of rhinestones, from white to rosy to green to white, making it possible for them to match with different clothes.
  • Dupe VCA Perlee wide hoop earrings: This pair of VCA earrings will grab your attention, whether you are a fan of fashion or not. It is made of a semi-hoop body having three colors which are: pink, yellow gold and silver rose gold. Additionally, it is made with round beads and rhinestones which are exquisite, both looking lovely and luxurious.
  • VCA Vintage Clover Decked Crystal Earrings: This can help you capture the attention of the crowd. It is made with gold beads on the rims and rhinestones on the inner and outer sides.

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