This is a window display of Louis Vuitton store on the streets of London. There are a number of golden ostrich eggs placed. Every few days, an egg will be “hatched” to showcase exciting new products!

The works are designed by LV creative team in this window showcases, which are all from Paris store.
Exquisite hand-carved and gilded ostrich legs to ostrich feathers, every detail reflects the luxury and elegance of brand.

This window is full of fun with ostrich’s slender neck passes through the windows, the floor and the ceiling. Beautifully crafted products are displayed in the position of mouth and neck.

Oh, don’t forget to avoid the big ostrich egg hatching bag, which has magical power to let people have one without hesitated. When it comes to LV, it can’t avoid brand’s fashion show, and almost it is unforgettable for each time.

On October 22, 2018, Louis Vuitton that has always loved the theme of travel, held 2019 spring/ summer Louis Vuitton at the Louvre.

This is also the 5th time the brand has done a show here. But this year’s show seems to be more conceptual.

The Cali courtyard of the Louvre
The futuristic luminous corridor contrasts with the surrounding Renaissance-style buildings, giving people a wonderful sense of crossing to people.

The fusion of exoticism and classicism is everywhere. The elements of the palace style that have been preserved in previous seasons, as well as exotic ethnic prints and embroidery, which are also shown this show.

This year, there is a Mini bag that makes people shine. This is the colorful leather egg bag, which has the feeling of high-identification.

Combining the association of female adventurers and travel spoils, I feel that this is a bag specially designed for ostrich eggs. Compared with the rare leather model, the Egg Monogram model is more eye-catching. It can be seen in a few meters for the design of cute and delicate process. It feels that the market is about to be out of stock soon.

It is no exaggeration to say that Louis Vuitton is a blasting harvester. At the annual show, there will be at least one single item (often several models) that will explode after listing, and the rhythm of selling out of stock around the world. Maybe classic design and high-end quality should be the key factor for the best-selling.

However, for this situation of short supply of brand, we still have a lot of solutions. For example, people go to the second-hand market or the imitation market, and they can always meet their needs. What’s more, these bags are guaranteed. The blogger bought a LV Egg Monogram leather knock-off bag, so amazing with this shape. After all, no girl will reject LV, even if it is a imitated one.