I believe that the first luxury accessory that many friends bought is Louis Vuitton. For this brand, different people have the diverse understandings. In any case, the culture of the brand is the most touching key for fans. And having a LV life is the best choose.

There may be a price increase without a discount
Louis Vuitton is basically never discounted, even the sample taken by the star can be directly burned. The data on the luxury idle trading platform is more proof of LV’s preservation: Gently used KEEPALL 50 also sells for £500 (original price is about £940).

Unique temperament and changeable style
“LV Monogram can easily get along with any match, satisfy the role of a personal style decorator, and never let the design of bag overshadow the wearer itself”. Monogram is the most well-known pattern of LV, after registering this pattern in 1897, which has never faded out of sight. In addition to daily collocation, LV suitcases can be used as part of the home, saving space and aesthetics.

The quality of fireproofing and abrasion resistant
In addition to tailoring and design, LV Monogram is notorious for wear resistance. It was born in the suitcase: when brand designs the bag, it is for people to pick up the water. So it is waterproof, fireproof, and even rumors that can block bullets. Even if the LV leather package is full of 6 pounds of weight, which can be lifted up and down for four days, and the zipper can still be closed more than 5,000 times.

Indelible aristocratic temperament
Luxury is more of a mood. The story of LV is very inspirational: 14-year-old Louis Vuitton walked from Sweden to Paris to become an apprentice of luggage craftsmen, and became the most trusted baggage expert of Emperor Eugenie of Napoleon III with his superb skills.

Queen Eugenie made three brands popular: LV, Guerlain, Cartier

LV has created an unparalleled sense of space and use in the luggage.

Molly Brown in “Titanic” also took the LV box

Audrey Hepburn and her favorite LV Speedy

LV Series 2 exhibition

An immortal legend that keeps pace with the times
“Logo makes a brand complete, it should be treated with a contemporary attitude, because “eternal” does not mean “stay in time”. After taking over from Marc Jacobs, LV is not just a luggage brand, but a fashion brand. Nicolas Ghesquière’s design encapsulates the brand’s connotation with a high-tech future.

The design history of LV is the epitome of the human science and technology revolution. From LV Steam, Keepall to Speedy, LV’s designs are all in line with the invention of steamships to trains to car planes. In the test of time, it will show the centuries-old historical charm of luxury.