Petite Malle: The new generation of IT BAG was born from Series 2
After designer Nicolas Ghesquiere joined the luxury brand Louis Vuitton, the design of the first show reflects his talent, which was amazing and brought people back to the most classic period of Louis Vuitton. As a new resident, of course, people know the essence of this biggest brand is on the suitcase, which is also one of the brand’s selling points. Tracing back to the history of the brand, the suitcase is the starting point. Using this point, one of the highlights that designer Nikola Geischelle brought to the first show was the bag, so inspiration comes from the suitcase and the Petite Malle package was born.

“Petite Malle” is from the French word. You can also intuitively feel it by its shape. The bag itself is like a miniature version of the Louis Vuitton suitcase. It has a square shape and a regular package. On the side, the exquisite locks exude a sense of retro and a tribute to the brand’s classics. After the leather strap is removed, the bag can be used as a clutch. There are Monogramm patterns on the suits, as well as monochrome Epi leather models, as well as a layer of “canvas coat”.

This bag was born in 2014. It was the first Petite Malle handbag designed by LV new designer Nicolas Ghesquière for Louis Vuitton. This bag was red when it was launched, and it quickly became a new generation of It Bag. While at the brand 2019 autumn and winter show, this bag fly-back in a whole new form, which is still amazing.

Maybe you will think that the space of Petite Malle bag is too small, but it has a lot of patterns. The Petite Malle is divided into three different styles, namely the classic Monogram checkered canvas, the leather water wave texture and the metal texture water wave texture. Different styles are also different in terms of materials.

The classic Monogram checkered canvas with a canvas body and black calfskin is the easiest to identify.
The texture of the leather water wave is also the material of calfskin. They are so long, this should be slightly more expensive than the one above.
The metal texture water ripple is also used with calfskin, but the outer shell of the bag is harder.

It not only the bag design needs to be eye-catching, but also has a star enthusiasm. Supermodel Miranda-Ker and Liu Wen both use the hand-held approach with Petite Malle, Okamoto has chosen a one-shoulder back method, as a generation of IT BAG, a variety of back methods is a strong strength.

LV Petite Malle imitated bag in different styles