The last show of Paris Fashion Week was played by Louis Vuitton as usual. The source of inspiration for this season was “Beauty Age”. From the end of the 19th century to the First World War, it was an era of great glory in French history. Nicolas Ghesquière, art director, created a new French fashion by connecting the two innovative times of the late 20th century and the 21st century.

Guests are curious about the simple and unexpected scene from the moment they enter the venue. The venue was made of wood, including the designer cards in the seats, all of which were cute little planks. The wood used in this fashion show comes from the sustainable management of forests in France. According to the cooperation agreement between Louis Vuitton and ArtStock, after the fashion show, all the decorative wood will be recycled. ArtStock is committed to recycling and upgrading art creation materials and parts to protect the environment.

The show was described by French fashion brands as the rendezvous of the century: “the dawn of the 20th century is like a dream, and the 21st century is eager to remember.”

Paris that returns back to the big dreams belongs to the golden age of fashion, and the exquisite talents emerge, reflecting the origin of French fashion: a graceful style, elegance and free and easy, has become a beautiful memory treasured by countless people. Luxurious and blended with a variety of styles combined with French culture. Deducing the rules of romanticism in a needle and a line, paving the creative inspiration of new art, thus interpreting the resonance of originality between the present and the past.  Finally, draw a magnolia on the lapel, which is the finishing touch of all elegance and luxury. Since the long history of brand development, Louis Vuitton has picked up subtle clues and connected two new eras: the end of the 20th century like a dream, and the 21st century to protect precious memories.

Many new bags that are extremely worthy of attention can also be found on the show, such as the Video Tape Clutch, egg-shaped bag and classic style, a new handbag “Blade” with many iconic elements. The “Dauphine” handbag has also adopted new shapes and materials. The interchangeable clutch can also be changed into a small back pack, wallet, etc.